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About Lightbox.js: A React Photo Gallery Library

Lightbox.js is a React lightbox with a whole suite of features, perfect for developers who wish to add an image slider or image carousel to their projects.

Features include image zooming, mobile support, slideshow functionality, as well as theming & customization options.

A Selection of the Use Cases

To view a quick selection of demos that use the library, check out the Demos page to discover the various use cases. From eCommerce to portfolio sites, there are lots of potential sites that would benefit from an image lightbox, allowing users to zoom-in on imagery and navigate through images.

Cut Down on Development Time

By integrating a library into your project, you can cut down on development time and costs. Rather than building a custom solution yourself, which can take extra time, why not make use of a pre-built solution such as Lightbox.js?

Building a React photo gallery doesn't have to be difficult, as you can make use of pre-built solutions instead. This can help cut down on the time to get it to production, and overall, it will be integrated more quickly into your website.

Image Carousel Functionality

If you'd like to add a React image carousel to your project, then Lightbox.js makes it quick and seamless to do so. Simply install the library, get a license key and then just add the code snippets provided in the documentation. You'll have a lightbox ready to go very soon!

Users can swipe through images by using the arrows provided or through mobile gestures such as with drag-to-swipe.

How to Add A React Photo Gallery to Your Project

If you're hoping to build a React photo gallery, then I'd definitely recommend trying Lightbox.js out! It only takes a few minutes to get set-up and you'll have a gallery with in-built, extended functionality such as image zooming, slideshow playback and so much more. If you're using a server-side rendering framework such as Next.js, then Lightbox.js also supports Next.js and Gatsby! Since these frameworks are used for eCommerce and portfolio sites, then using a Next.js lightbox or image carousel would be a useful addition, as it allows users to zoom into photos and view the details.

To get started, simply purchase a license key at our pricing page and then visit the docs to integrate it into your site.

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